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Our Mission

At Branded, we believe in the transformative power of podcasts. We’re not just a podcast production company; we’re brand storytellers. Our mission is to amplify your brand’s unique voice, crafting compelling audio experiences that resonate with your audience and foster enduring connections.

Featured on...

Between Larry and Sara, there are few places the Branded team hasn’t been featured.

Two Brands Coming together

Larry Roberts
Red Hat Media

Larry Roberts is the founder of Red Hat Media, a company dedicated to helping business leaders embrace their brand stories, and frame their next chapters, and position themselves strongly within their industry. He is one of the most well-known creators in podcasting and has been featured on stage and virtually at events like Podfest, Podcast Movement, Outlier Podcast Festival, and Entrepreneurs Organization.

Sara Lohse
Favorite Daughter Media

Sara Lohse launched Favorite Daughter Media to help mission-driven brands and creators amplify their social reach and impact. She combines content creation with business strategy, introducing a fresh perspective and emerging media trends to new or established brands. Her tips and insights have been heard at Podfest, FinCon, PodPros Summit, and Outlier Podcast Festival.

The podcast that started it all

Listen to Branded: Your Comprehensive Guide to Creative Branding.