Podcast Audit

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What's a podcast audit?

A Podcast Audit is an in-depth review of your podcast’s various elements, aimed at improving its overall quality and effectiveness in reaching your target audience. Whether you’re looking to increase listener engagement, boost subscription numbers, or monetize more quickly, our audits provide you with actionable insights and recommendations.

How It works

Our approach to podcast auditing involves several key components:

Content Evaluation

We listen to your show to gauge the substance of your episodes, examining the intro and outro, calls-to-action, and presentation style. We also look at the commonly overlooked details, including release schedules and episode lengths.

Technical Review

Technical quality can make or break a podcast. We assess your sound and video editing, use of music, and overall production values to suggest improvements that could enhance your listeners' experience.

Creative Assets

Is your show getting noticed (for the right reasons)? We evaluate the creative components of your show, including title, description, and cover art, looking for clarity, impact, discoverability, and overall look and feel.

Distribution and Promotion

Maximizing reach is critical for podcast success. We evaluate your podcast distribution channels and promotional strategies, including your social media and website, providing recommendations to help you capture a larger audience.

SEO Best Practices

We want your show to be found, so we examine all of your content to ensure it is search engine friendly, including episode titles, show notes, website content, show description, and your URLs.

Roadmap for Growth

Each audit comes with a custom 10+ page e-book that outlines all of the findings from the audit and a list of action steps to help improve your show. Plus, our audit comes with an hour-long consulting session with a podcast expert to go over the results and answer any questions.

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